giovedì 12 giugno 2014



Recent Research at MIT on Limit Analysis of Masonry Structures
(William Plunkett, Masonry Research Group, MIT)

giovedì 12 giugno, alle ore 15:30, presso l'Aula Pacinotti (edificio di Ingegneria).
Referenti dell'invito: Riccardo Barsotti, Stefano Bennati

Referenti dell'invito: Riccardo Barsotti, Stefano Bennati

Abstract. Featuring recent and on-going research in the Masonry Research Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this presentation shares developments in the safety, stability, and assessment of masonry structures. By comparing results from small-scale physical experiments, analytical models, and new software tools, limits of stability are refined. Applications to buildings within Italy will be presented. 

William Plunkett is a graduate student in the Building Technology Program at MIT. Working in the Masonry Research Group led by Professor John Ochsendorf, his current research focuses on the use of physical experiments to further understanding of historic structures. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Princeton University in the Architecture and Structural Engineering Program. He has also worked in professional practice with AECOM in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and London. 
Stefano Bennati
Full Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics
Head of the PhD School of  Engineering "Leonardo da Vinci"
University of Pisa

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