giovedì 14 aprile 2016

Avviso di seminario - Prof. William Heath (University of Manchester): giovedì 14/4 ore 11:30 in Aula Pacinotti


Prof. William Heath
(University of Manchester, UK)

"New results for the analysis of 
Lur'e systems"

14 aprile 2016, ore 11:30: Aula Pacinotti

It is common for control systems to have significant actuator nonlinearities, such as saturation, rate limits, backlash and stiction. We will consider a number of examples ranging from nanopositioning, through pilot-induced oscillations to synchrotron beam stabilisation and dynamic voltage regulation. All can be usefully modelled with the so-called Lur'e system structure.
Determining the stability of Lur'e systems is a classical problem and we will revisit some classical results and tools. In particular we will reconsider the Kalman conjecture for discrete-time systems and derive a convex search for discrete-time Zames-Falb multipliers. We are particularly interested in the interpretation of L2 input-output stability in the presence of step demands or step disturbances. We derive a generalised class of Zames-Falb multipliers that can be used to guarantee stability for such systems. We illustrate with some simple but perhaps surprising examples.

Dr. William Heath heads the Control Systems Centre, University of Manchester. His interests include constrained control and system identification. He has a BA and MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and an MSc and a PhD from UMIST. Before his appointment at Manchester he spent several years in both industry at Lucas Automotive and academia at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Info: Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia,, 050-2217838